Course Registration, Administration, and Logistics

What is the fastest way to register?

The fastest, though not only way, to register is online, click here.

What is the preferred method of registration?

The preferred method of registration is via the online registration form located here. However, participants are welcome to register by courier, or by mail. Participanst should take into consideration the constraints and choose to register online in cases where there is a time limit.

How early should I register?

Participants are encouraged to register as early as possible. This is important because  space may be limited. For those requiring visas, the earlier the registration the better to begin that process

How late can I register?

It is best to register as early as possible to ensure space availability.

How long will it be before I know whether or not my application has been accepted?

Applicants should hear about their application status within one week of registration.

Can I attend the course with my colleagues ?

Yes. Some of the most useful and practical capacity building experiences take place when two or more professionals from the same organization attend a training course together. This enables them to implement tools and skills acquired at the training more immediately to their day-to-day work program.

Do I need a visa to attend IP3I training programs?

Please make necessary arrangements with the relevant embassy/consulate in your country well in advance of travel plans. Upon admission to a course, candidates will receive a letter of invitation, which can be used to assist in visa processing. It is the applicant's responsibility to comply with the requirements set by the host country Embassy/Consulate in his/her locality.

To determine if you need a visa, please contact the relevant Embassy/Consulate in your country or visit the following website for visa requirement

How will arrangements for lodging be made?

You are responsible for making your own hotel reservations. Accommodation recommendations will be provided in your acceptance package. The tuition price does not include accommodation fees.

Will IP3I make my travel arrangements?

No, participants are responsible for making their travel arrangements to and from the course location.

Do I need to arrange my own transportation to and from the airport?

Yes. Participants are responsible for arranging and paying for transportation to and from the hotel from arrival to departure.

When should I arrive for the program?

Participants are advised to arrive over the weekend, Saturday or Sunday before the course, in order to be on time for the Monday morning session.

Where do I go on the first day of the course?

The location of the venue will be sent to you as part of Administrative Orientation Package upon being accepted to the program. Please check for an announcement board in the lobby of the hotel or confirm with the hotel concierge the exact venue of the course.

Will breakfast and lunch be provided as part of the course?

IP3I will provide tea and lunch during the course period.

What arrangements do I need to make if my family is traveling with me?

Please let IP3I know in advance if you are travelling with your family so we can help you with any logistical arrangements to make their stay more comfortable.

Does IP3I provide computers as part of the course fee?

No. Participants are required to carry their own laptops for use during the course.

Will I have Internet access?

Yes! The IP3I training facility has free high-speed Internet access for your use during the course. Please check with the front desk of your hotel upon your arrival to find out if they have internet access and if they charge separately for this use.

Do I need to arrange my own transportation for site visits and study tours?

IP3I will make all necessary arrangements for course-related travel to site visits and during study tours by bus, plane, taxi or train. However, you are responsible for arranging your taxi transportation to and from the hotel for your arrival and departure to the country.

Are IP3 training courses suitable for public and private sector managers and executives?

Yes. Our training programs are designed to provide essential skills for public and private sector managers. The multidisciplinary nature of our programs results in the overall enhancement of participants' management capabilities.

What method is used for training?

Our training programs are conducted using case studies, simulations, and where necessary, site visits.

Why this methodology?

We believe that the most effective training is practical and participatory. Case studies, simulations, and study tours expose participants to real situations that build skills required to tackle real problems.

Can IP3I provide training in our organization?

Yes. We conduct customized training programs depending on our customers ‘needs. IP3I can provide you with a draft concept proposal and budget.


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